perjantai 30. lokakuuta 2015


 good old pluto

his sink is leaking


 they really love their bikes 'round here ...and their tags

  then there was this block
and this guy from... brasil, maybe?

 wish i spoke dutch...

 pew pew pew

 have you now?

 stop the violence...

 ...before the riots

 wonder who that griller was

 love love love

some more love, tags and stickerss

 meet mr. laser3.14

him you might already know
 M3 and theEye

sam strawberry man and some friends

 yeah i like 'em stairways.

 it sure is.

 sticker xxx action

 kitty kittyy

bad eye.

where were we again?

 this bridge though

 it's something

 bad breath

run into an invasion as well

 his name is dotsy.

 occultish stuff

 call him Sir.


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